Youth Marketing

This category will honor those efforts that successfully communicate to teens or young adults.



Mother's Love Express

We all know that mom's accompany is extremely important to the first year of a newborn, but nearly 80% of Taiwanese newborn’s mom will go back to work in two months after giving birth. Further, 55% will quit breastfeeding because of breastfeed-unfriendly work environment. At Wyeth illuma, we believe that breast milk is the best nutrition to newborn, and therefore we want to help working mom to delivery her precious love directly to her baby from their workplace. We want to support them by real actions.

Brand: Wyeth illuma
Client: Nestlé China
Agency: Ogilvy Taiwan

Cross the Forbidden City to Meet You

Tencent Next Idea is a youth innovation talent program initiated by Tencent that focuses on the arts and technology. In order to stimulate youth creativity, Tencent Next Idea cooperated with the Palace Museum in 2016 and created the “Come through the Forbidden City” campaign, showing the charm of traditional culture and modern technology across the border.

Brand: Tencent
Client: Tencent
Agency: Tencent

Friso 3 Character Classic of Love Campaign

Brand: Friso
Client: FrieslandCampina
Agency: mcgarrybowen Shanghai

2019_us_2019_e-3590-053_hero_1 5 Gum 5 Gum: Regrets to Fight Regrets
2019_us_2019_e-3696-959_hero_1 Burger King Prom King
2018_cn_2018_066_hero_1 Whisper Whisper×Mimeng Keep Going #LikeAGirl

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