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Un Bip Por La Guajira

Este caso es un buen ejemplo de cómo una campaña de responsabilidad social puede afectar positivamente el negocio. Queríamos ayudar a reducir la malnutrición en la Guajira y llevar la tecnología Sin Contacto a la vida cotidiana de las personas. Por eso, unimos ambos objetivos en un solo esfuerzo llamado “Un bip por la Guajira”. Así, con ayuda de Juanes, los aliados, el PMA y los bancos, logramos llevar 3 millones de comidas a la niñez de la Guajira e incrementamos el uso de Mastercard Sin Contacto en un 300%.

Brand: Un Bip por La Guajira
Client: Mastercard Colombia
Agency: McCann

Income: The Best Gift (from the worst parents in the world)

Branded content is hard to define. But it’s intent is clear - reach people at scale who are in an engaged state of mind and therefore more receptive to brand messages. This is exactly what Income did. With a topic that hit the nerve of society - should your child be your retirement plan? - Income shocked, surprised and made Singaporeans cry with a 5min branded content film. And with a strategy to earn coverage, fuel sharing, and drive people through the funnel, Income grew life insurance sales by 13% with declining SOV.

Brand: Income
Client: Income
Agency: BBH Singapore


How does a 135-year-old regional bank with low awareness, low consideration, and very low marketing spend capture outsized interest? With “Unfund/Fund,” Bank of the West gave customers the needed emotional permission to look past its’ competitive deficiencies. More importantly, we’re redefining what is important in banking: shared values, an arena where Bank of the West can compete and win. Retail checking accounts are up 16% over prior year and at launch the bank had the biggest month for new customer acquisition in 7 years.

Brand: Bank of the West
Client: Bank of the West
Agency: the community san francisco

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