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How does a 135-year-old regional bank with low awareness, low consideration, and very low marketing spend capture outsized interest? With “Unfund/Fund,” Bank of the West gave customers the needed emotional permission to look past its’ competitive deficiencies. More importantly, we’re redefining what is important in banking: shared values, an arena where Bank of the West can compete and win. Retail checking accounts are up 16% over prior year and at launch the bank had the biggest month for new customer acquisition in 7 years.

Brand: Bank of the West
Client: Bank of the West
Agency: the community san francisco


Despite years of a historically strong stock market, E*TRADE was in a weakened position with years of lackluster performance. E*TRADE needed to reclaim its category leadership with breakthrough messaging that would drive account growth among prospects and existing customers.   “Don’t Get Mad, Get E*TRADE” was based on a simple truth; only 32% of Americans are satisfied with their finances. Rather than ignore this, they channeled frustrations into positive action. The campaign brought in prospects in droves, beat growth expectations and reinvigorated their presence with bench-mark crushing campaign metrics.

Brand: E*TRADE
Client: E*Trade Financial Corporation
Agency: MullenLowe U.S.

Friends Again

As a traditional bank we had an uphill battle if we wanted to steal market share from an app whose name is popular vernacular (“just Venmo me”). To set Bank of America apart among a millennial audience whose preference was already set in stone, we had to get emotional. By leading with the voices millennials trust and creating an occasion for conversation and compassion, Bank of America’s #FriendsAgain campaign generated new mobile banking customers and, ultimately, the new Zelle technology disrupted the disruptor, becoming the leader in transactions over Venmo.

Brand: Bank of America
Client: Bank of America
Agency: GroupeConnect

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