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The Best Gift

In Asia, it is common to financially provide for one’s elderly parents. It’s all part of being filial. But should your child be your retirement plan? Singapore insurer, Income, addressed this question in its latest life insurance campaign. Income tackled head-on the ingrained values of Singaporeans, prompting a national and global debate about the parent/child relationship and the implications for retirement planning. This pushed Income from #3 to #1 in awareness of savings and investment plans, and grew life insurance sales by 13%, all with a declining share of voice.

Brand: Income
Client: Income
Agency: BBH APAC
Language: English

Rick Prospera: Got the vision?

By becoming a platform for influencer Rick Chester to share his message, Santander has arrived where no bank had been before. By investing in the potential of confectioners, street vendors and small bakers, Santander Prospera became the largest microcredit operation in Brazil, expanding its customer base by 197% and increasing the penetration of GetNet credit machines by 240%. Together with Rick Chester and other individual entrepreneurs in Brazil, Santander disrupted the category and proved that being effective is just a matter of getting the vision.

Brand: Santander
Client: Santander
Agency: SUNO United Creators
Language: English

How reinventing its original purpose reversed 8 years of decline for NRMA insurance

When it comes to reviving your brand, its original purpose can be overlooked. This is a reminder that sometimes it’s best to go back to your roots, and that exceptional value can be unlocked by reinterpreting what made your brand great. By embodying Australia’s national spirit of ‘Help’, NRMA Insurance reversed 8-years of declining customer numbers and reached __million customers for the first time since April 2014, despite a growing price premium. ‘Help’ delivered incremental customer growth of _____ with a projected incremental profit of $___M and ROI of ___%.

Brand: NRMA Insurance
Client: NRMA Insurance
Agency: The Monkeys Sydney
Language: English

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