Financial products and services including: communications promoting overall image and capabilities of a financial institution.



The Bank of Antandec

In an overcrowded category with a tendency to take itself a little too seriously, Santander created an unashamedly joyful and wonderfully mass-market campaign to achieve stand out and drive brand awareness. As a result, The Bank of Antandec campaign exceeded all advertising category norms, increasing mortgage applications by 24% and growing market share by a whole percentage point, resulting in the best year for mortgages Santander has ever had. All of this at a lower CPA than for any previous mortgage campaigns.

Brand: Santander
Client: Santander UK
Language: English

Rerank the Rich

Established in 1898, Nuveen was founded on an investing philosophy designed to drive returns and positive societal impact with every dollar invested. It’s an example the brand lives to this day — but gets no credit for. Reclaiming a leadership position meant partnering with Forbes to reinvent its most iconic property, the Forbes 400, reranking it by philanthropic giving rather than net worth. “Rerank the Rich” shifted the ultimate symbol of modern wealth, and perceptions of Nuveen, with lifts in favorability (+13.4%), recommendation (+2.2%) and earning $12.4M worth of media.

Brand: Nuveen
Client: Nuveen
Agency: MullenLowe U.S.
Language: English

It's Payback Time

This case study examines how Ally, a US challenger bank, fueled dissatisfaction with Big Banks through its "Payback Time" campaign to encourage people to switch to Ally. 

Brand: Ally Financial
Client: Ally Financial
Agency: Anomaly
Language: English

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