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How reviving its original purpose reversed 8 years of decline for NRMA Insurance

When it comes to reviving your brand, its original purpose can be easily overlooked. This is an important reminder that sometimes it’s best to go back to your roots, and that exceptional value can be unlocked by reinterpreting what made your brand great to begin with. 
By embodying Australia’s national spirit of ‘Help’, NRMA Insurance reversed 8-years of declining customer numbers and reached customers for the first time since April 2014, despite a growing price premium. 

Brand: NRMA Insurance
Client: IAG
Agency: The Monkeys

Un Bip Por La Guajira

Este caso es un buen ejemplo de cómo una campaña de responsabilidad social puede afectar positivamente el negocio. Queríamos ayudar a reducir la malnutrición en la Guajira y llevar la tecnología Sin Contacto a la vida cotidiana de las personas. Por eso, unimos ambos objetivos en un solo esfuerzo llamado “Un bip por la Guajira”. Así, con ayuda de Juanes, los aliados, el PMA y los bancos, logramos llevar 3 millones de comidas a la niñez de la Guajira e incrementamos el uso de Mastercard Sin Contacto en un 300%.

Brand: Un Bip por La Guajira
Client: Mastercard Colombia
Agency: McCann

Income: The Best Gift (from the worst parents in the world)

Branded content is hard to define. But it’s intent is clear - reach people at scale who are in an engaged state of mind and therefore more receptive to brand messages. This is exactly what Income did. With a topic that hit the nerve of society - should your child be your retirement plan? - Income shocked, surprised and made Singaporeans cry with a 5min branded content film. And with a strategy to earn coverage, fuel sharing, and drive people through the funnel, Income grew life insurance sales by 13% with declining SOV.

Brand: Income
Client: Income
Agency: BBH Singapore

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