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Classico Om-Psg

Brand: Canal +
Client: Canal +
Agency: Havas Media France

The Mud Soldier

‘Flanders Fields 14-18’ is a destination program established by the Flemish tourism authority Visit Flanders. Commemorating the First World War, it was designed to attract visitors from European and selected overseas markets to WWI battlefields, cemeteries, memorials and museums in the Belgian region of West Flanders.
For the year 2017, the challenge was to grow again and try to reach the average target goal of 500,000 unique visitors per year set at the start of the programme.

Brand: Flanders Fields
Client: Toerisme Vlaanderen
Agency: Ogilvy & Social.Lab Belgium

Declaration Descendants

As category leader, Ancestry had enviably high awareness. The problem: for most, exploring their ancestry was a project that could wait. We needed to inspire people to act now. Research revealed that understanding your origins can offer inspiration for today; instead of looking backward, the brand helps us look forward. By restaging a historical moment with modern-day descendants of all races and genders, we demonstrated how our past can inspire our future, reminding our divided nation that diversity is our strength. This sparked a cultural conversation, increased consideration and sales.

Brand: Ancestry
Client: Ancestry
Agency: Droga5

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