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Declaration Descendants

As category leader, Ancestry had enviably high awareness. The problem: for most, exploring their ancestry was a project that could wait. We needed to inspire people to act now. Research revealed that understanding your origins can offer inspiration for today; instead of looking backward, the brand helps us look forward. By restaging a historical moment with modern-day descendants of all races and genders, we demonstrated how our past can inspire our future, reminding our divided nation that diversity is our strength. This sparked a cultural conversation, increased consideration and sales.

Brand: Ancestry
Client: Ancestry
Agency: Droga5
Language: English

Stopover Buddy

Stopover Buddy has been the most successful global campaign to date for Icelandair, undoubtedly achieved through a strong content rich strategy. With a share of voice of less than 1% against big spending competitors, Buddies delivered 1014 pieces of earned coverage estimated to be worth over £252 million in media value. The campaign increased Stopover bookings by a record 42%, creating incremental value for the business and achieving record recommendation levels of over 90%.

Brand: Icelandair
Client: Icelandair
Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers
Language: English


There were no similar products in Ukraine before the launch of "KinoMama" sessions! We were able to create a new product and to find an unfilled niche not only in the growing film market, but also in the whole entertainment field. Our discovered audience - digital moms - allowed solving business problems. Without any investments in PR, we received a large number of positive reviews in the national media. We created a product: unique and in-demand for our market.

Brand: Planeta Kino
Client: Planeta Kino
Agency: Postmen
Language: English, Ukrainian

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